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Humber blogging event set to enhance online presence

Independent voices are becoming more common and Humber’s Public Relations Committee is capitalizing on this trend by hosting a conference to help bloggers enhance their online presence.

The Humber PR Committee’s Second Annual Bloggers Conference is an event run by Humber public relations students and it is set to help aspiring, or current bloggers create, and maintain a presentable blog. President of the Humber PR Committee, Hilary Flint, 22, said the members of the committee utilized their Facebook page and asked students who they want to hear speak at the upcoming Bloggers Conference. “We wanted to cover a variety of interests so we tried to get bloggers from different sectors. We have travel, lifestyle, fashion and music/entertainment this year,” said Flint. The speakers that will be attending the Blogger’s Conference this year are: Jeff Lang-Weir, Julio Reyes, Daniel Desforges, Sabrina Tricarico, Kristen Sarah, Siya Zarrabi and Casie Stewart.

Food and lifestyle blogger, Daniel Desforges, 31, had a passion for food that translated to create his blog Do The Daniel. “It (blogging) offers an authentic voice and people turn to us (bloggers) because they trust us,” said Desforges. Desforges and fiancé, Julio Reyes of will be presenting together in regards to how they continue to stay relevant within the blogging industry, and informing students about what it’s like to work in public relations.

Desforges’ says the bloggers event is beneficial to a large demographic of students and mentions, “At the end of the day, the world of blogging is undergoing transitions. I think that understanding the direction that blogs are heading is something that media students will take what we have to offer and our experiences, and take that into their future careers.” Desforges’ advises new bloggers to, “speak to what your strength is and represent that properly.”

Adventure and travel vlogger, and blogger of Hopscotch the Globe, Kristen Sarah, 28, says the upcoming bloggers event is a great way for her to connect with her current readers and viewers. “I know I had so many questions when I first started blogging especially about the business side of things, and it would be nice to answer that for other people,” said Sarah. Additionally Sarah adds that although blogging can be tedious, it is important, “to invest your time and money into it in order for it to happen.”

The Second Annual Bloggers Conference will take place on October 20, 2014 during 7-10 p.m. The event will be located at Humber College’s lakeshore campus auditorium in the A/B building.

PHOTO ESSAY: Fall Festivities at Chudleigh’s Farm

As the leaves begin to change colours and the weather becomes slightly cooler, it is evident that fall is now upon us. Adding that extra layer of clothing before you head out the door is worth it as there are many festive things to do this season, at your local farm.

Chudleigh’s Farm has been around since 1957 and over time their concept of providing entertainment for the entire family has been successful. Apple picking and seeing some of your favourite farm animals at the petting zoo are only few of the many attractions local farms like Chudleigh’s have. The local farm makes pressed apple cider and freshly baked pies that are ready for you to pick up on your way out.

For many locals, an annual visit is a must with a farm that has over 28,000 trees and pumpkins of all sizes that have been ready to be picked, since late September.


The entrance of Chudleigh’s farm is an area most common where photographs are taken.                                               PHOTO BY REBECCA PILOZO-MELARA


Pumpkins of all sizes are placed near the entrance for visitors to select one to take home.                                           PHOTO BY REBECCA PILOZO-MELARA


Arrows placed on a wooden poles directing people to their desired destination.                                                                   PHOTO BY REBECCA PILOZO-MELARA


Outdoor playground where children of all ages are able to be as adventurous as they want.                                               PHOTO BY REBECCA PILOZO-MELARA


Visitors watching the lambs being fed by a farmer.                                                                                                                    PHOTO BY REBECCA PILOZO-MELARA


Sheep dogs in training resting after a long day.                                                                                                                       PHOTO BY REBECCA PILOZO-MELARA


A family of pigs eating a meal.                                                                                                                                                     PHOTO BY REBECCA PILOZO-MELARA


Wagons lined up for visitors to pull their apples and pumpkins around comfortably. Behind the wagons there are tracker rides that take you to the trees where one can go apple picking.                                                                           PHOTO BY REBECCA PILOZO-MELARA


Pre-picked apples that are ready to be sold.                                                                                                                             PHOTO BY REBECCA PILOZO-MELARA


Inside the farm shop where one can purchase fresh jam, beverages, spices, and more.                                                   PHOTO BY REBECCA PILOZO-MELARA


Pressed apple cider that is made at the farm.                                                                                                                           PHOTO BY REBECCA PILOZO-MELARA


A beautiful pathway that leads to the McIntosh apple trees.                                                                                                 PHOTO BY REBECCA PILOZO-MELARA