Rebecca is a 19 year-old second-year journalism student, currently attending Humber College, in Toronto, ON.

Growing up with a family who loved pop culture had a strong influence on Rebecca, and played a huge part in her wanting to be become a broadcast journalist. At the age of 17, Rebecca became fortunate enough to work as an intern at a local Toronto radio station, Z103.5. The opportunity allowed Rebecca to have a strong understanding of the industry and reassured her that being a journalist is what she wanted to do forever.

Although Broadcast is what sparked Rebecca’s interest for journalism, Rebecca decided to expand her options by attending Humber’s Journalism Print & Broadcast program to excel at both aspects.

During her first year of college, Rebecca worked as a makeup artist at a beauty re-seller and began networking with celebrity makeup artists and did makeup for events such as Toronto International Film Festival.

Wanting to intertwine both her passion for writing and makeup, Rebecca created her beauty blog, Rebecca’s Beauty Box.

Today, Rebecca continues to work towards her diploma and is currently writing for the Humber Et Cetera as a Business, and Tech reporter. Additionally, Rebecca is currently a beauty assistant for a luxury travel magazine, Eden Life for the Beauty and Fashion section.



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