Canadian makeup brand takes over retailers internationally

A new innovative cosmetic line of pencils is taking over beauty retailers.

NudeStix is a cosmetic brand founded by two Canadian siblings, Ally, Taylor, and mom Jenny Frankel. Their motto is to achieve a “you but even better” look. The line consists of neutral coloured lip and cheek pencils, satin and bold eye sticks, and creamy textured concealers. The pair of Canadian sisters recently distributed their product to popular beauty resellers such as Sephora and consumers are loving the practical cosmetic line.

“NudeStix is a young, fresh brand with a lot of versatility and customization. It’s perfect for today’s consumer,” says 25 year-old beauty advisor Jalesa Baker. After working for the beauty industry for more than four years, Baker says she’s glad their targeting a demographic that has demanded something like Nude Stix for a long time. “I love how easy it is to use. When I’m on the go, it’s super easy to whip out and touch up without fussing too much, cause who doesn’t want to be effortlessly chic,” Baker adds.

18-year-old Founder of NudeStix, Taylor Frankel, says her and her sister wanted to partake in a big cosmetic project because it was something they believed in and it’d be a project that brought them closer. “Our demographic is defiantly us girls who want to sleep in for that extra ten minutes and when you do wake up, and do your makeup, you’re still looking presentable,” says Frenkel.

The passion the girls have for their brand is highly evident as they have traveled all over Canada and the U.S. educating beauty advisors on: what NudeStix is, how it’s unique, and how to use it. NudeStix will be launching in Australia at the new Sephora location in Westfield, Sydney.

Check out Ally and Taylor’s makeup tutorial using NudeStix below.


Click here to see what professional makeup artist Gross says about NudeStix.

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