Becca’s Book Talk: #GirlBoss

IMG_5812As a journalist I’m expected to be a bookworm or perhaps a novel enthusiast. Truth be told, I am not. I believe the reason why I don’t frequently pick up a novel at my local book store is simply because I can’t seem to find something that catches my interest.

Seeing some of the people I follow on Instagram rave about #GirlBoss, I took it amongst myself to pick up the novel, and give it a shot.

The cover of the book was appealing and the way the hard cover sat in the palms of my hands was something I hadn’t experienced in a while.  I didn’t just want to read the first five pages and later let it sit on my night stand. I really wanted to finish this book and truly see what all the buzz was about.

Believe me when I tell you the first five pages had me hooked. I went from becoming a reader who simply wanted to fit in the loop, to a girl who began connecting with the author Sophia Amoruso.

Throughout the entire novel, Amoruso vividly describes her journey towards becoming founder of Nasty Gal clothing in a witty, and humorous way. What continued to draw me to the novel was how other well-known “Girl Bosses” were featured and shared their store on how they found success.

Less than a week later, I found myself completing the book. As I noticed I was reaching the final pages of the novel, I realized why so many readers raved about the book. I realized that Amoruso’s story was funny and not just your average self help book by Dr. Phil. Throughout the novel, Amoruso makes gives readers advice and valid points about the fashion industry that open the eyes of many, including myself. Her inspiring story is relatable and she cotinues to encourage readers such as myself to really put in the hard work, while allowing a small part of destiny to play it all out. Lastly, seeing the end result of how Nasty Gal comes together allowed me to envision what my goal could become within a couple of years.

In conclusion, I’m happy to say I was able to finally complete a book which taught me much more than a few words that would expand my vocabulary. I read a book that will continuously be my motivation in my upcoming career. I encourage anyone who is seeking an uplifting motivation to pick up this book as the way it’s written makes it almost effortless to follow along.

If you want to learn more about the witty author, Sophia Amoruso, watch the interview I found on Youtube below.

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