Journey to Journalism

I was twelve years old when I won my first in class public speaking competition and thirteen when I made it to regionals. My speech that took me to regionals was about Walt Disney. Now I didn’t win regionals that year and I remember being devastated about it however, for once in my life, I believed I was good at something.


I was a teen who loved pop culture and was mesmerized by the entertainment industry. I watched shows like The Hills and had a yearly subscription magazines like Teen Vogue. I loved the photographs, articles, and clothes I saw in magazines. I admired the reporters I saw on TV and I vividly recall thinking about how fabulous it looked to interview celebrities on the red carpet. I was torn between the two things, writing, and television. I felt the need to understand what it really was that I was becoming passionate about and after a little bit of research, I discovered I was intrigued by journalism. Because I was already confident public speaking and writing, I knew when I grew up I wanted to study the print and broadcast element of journalism.

Entering high school, my dream of becoming a journalist stuck with me and as I got older I never out grew my dream of working in the media industry. Around the time everyone was applying to college, people would tell me I was being unrealistic. People also told me to get my head out of the clouds and find a “promising career” but I didn’t care what they thought, because I knew this was something I was born to do.


When I was eighteen, I got my acceptance letter to Humber College for Journalism Print & Broadcast. I was ecstatic because I was finally going to be studying something I loved. It didn’t take me long to accept my offer and soon I was counting down the days until I was about to begin j-school.

There are days I attend class and it gets tough but if doing what I love feels like this, I want this forever. I’m currently in my second year of college and I’m now a writer for my school newspaper, the Humber Et Cetera. I believe no opportunity is too small and I continue to take any gig I can to get. I’m fortunate enough to have loved ones around me, cheering me on along the way, and I’m forever grateful to have a mother who continues to be my number one fan.

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